Digital Squads Template

As their blog describes the Scottish Government has announced plans to cultivate a Digital Suppliers marketplace that can provide the catalyst and structure to accelerate delivery specifically for digital technologies and benefits.

Their buyers guide overview presentation describes how they are populating the marketplace with three ‘lots’ of different supplier services: Digital Transformation, Software Development and Cybersecurity, and then also a Skills Roster made up of these Roles:

  • Digital Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Agile Coach
  • User Researcher
  • Product Manager
  • Systems Designer
  • Systems Developer
  • Data Scientists

Best Practice Patterns

Our Buyers Guide builds on the government materials to define how these Roles can be assembled into Digital Delivery Squads, overing:

  • Assembling and implementing Digital Squads: Configurations of these Skills Roles pre-defined for digital transformation scenarios.
  • G-Cloud Procurement: How to source Cloud-based services through the G-Cloud procurement framework.

A detailed outline for how to implement Agile team models and migrate legacy systems to the Cloud.

This paper is intended to augment the Scottish Governments own buyers guide, which describes the procedures for buying services through their new Digital Suppliers procurement framework.

Download: 16 page PDF