World Class Digital Government

Our experts are asking what will it take for Scotland to achieve a World Class Digital Government?

The Scottish Government’s Digital Economy action plan states an overall goal that “We want Scotland to be at the forefront of that revolution and to have cemented its place as world-class digital nation by 2020.”

At the head of this agenda is the Government’s own use of technology, stating that:

“A World-Class Digital Scotland requires a World-Class Digital Government”

This builds on their earlier 2013 program, and a number of actions and objectives are listed to describe what is required to achieve this goal, across technology, policy and other domains, and the purpose of this document is to identify how they may be achieved, referencing both Scottish case studies as well as best practices from around the world.

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Blueprint for World Class Digital Government

  • Audit Scotland – Procurement and project management best practices.
  • Aberdeen City Council – Digital Transformation Blueprint.
  • Registers of Scotland – Exemplar for Agile Development and Innovation. 
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Showcasing Scotland to the World

Our featured case studies are also described in these other interviews:

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