Digital Ecosystem Planning

A digital ecosystem blueprint for Scottish public sector transformation

Harnessing the best of the business and technology sector innovations and applying them to Digital Government needs primarily means repeating the ‘Platform Business Model‘.

In short this means building a Digital Ecosystem, a formal way of connecting and collaborating with a supply chain as a technological network not a linear exchange of goods, examples being Airbnb and Uber Taxis, who unite thousands of small, independent businesses into a single highly adaptive, high quality services pool, instantly accessible via smartphone and web.

Planning Digital Transformation

Using the Tr3dent Transform Accelerator app we can apply this design model to the Scottish public sector, producing a business architecture plan based around Platform concepts and models.

This is an ideal starting phase for embarking on an overall Digital Transformation journey, clarifying executive vision into a number of key planning documents that can shape later IT work efforts, communication programs and other transformation resources, providing the foundations for a Digital Roadmap.

Base Template – Digital Scotland Ecosystem

To illustrate the effect we have created an example report, the ‘Digital Scotland Ecosystem‘.

This utilizes various app features and templates to organize a summary of the major IT and related policy initiatives that define the Scottish Digital Government sector, based on multiple references of local Scottish best practices and local program and government requirements.

  • Scottish Government – Goals and Drivers: The major programs, objectives defined by the Scottish Government. notably achieving a World Class Digital Government.
  • Stakeholders and Ecosystem Role Models – The defines a complete landscape view of the Scottish public sector and the many bodies that need to interoperate to deliver integrated digital government services.
  • Digital Health and Social Care Techniques such as the Business Model Canvas are utilized to develop collaborative stakeholder business models, ideal for policy requirements such as Integrated Health and Social Care.
  • Building a Digital Marketplace – These business model blueprints are combined with template team models for Agile Transformation ‘digital squads’, the skills/roles defined in the Scottish Government’s Digital Services – Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).
  • Data Centre and Cloud Modernization: World class data centres The Scottish Data Centres guide offers a marketplace blueprint for classifying and using the full spectrum of data centres available to them, with a view to a mass consolidation exercise that yields estate-scale savings.
  • Blockchain-Enabled Digital Government – A National Blueprint for implementing state of the art Blockchain and Digital Identity capabilities.

Download: Digital Scotland Ecosystem

Tailor your own Digital Roadmap

Can be used to activate a baseline for your own roadmap, which is then customized to your unique requirements using the Transformation Accelerator tool. Can be used for procurement and ongoing digital strategy.