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The Scottish Government’s Digital Economy action plan states an overall goal that “We want Scotland to be at the forefront of that revolution and to have cemented its place as world-class digital nation by 2020.”

At the head of this agenda is the Government’s own use of technology, stating that:

“A World-Class Digital Scotland requires a World-Class Digital Government”

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Keynote Topics

Public Sector Reform

A new report focusing on the digital transformation of public services in Scotland has highlighted the need to accelerate the pace of change to ensure Scotland reaps the opportunities offered by new technologies.

Audit Scotland

Audit Scotland Managing ICT Contracts in Central Government ,

The McLelland Report

An important audit review that defines the economic and government perspective for this trend is ‘the McLelland Report‘.

It’s an efficiency review of Government IT spending that repeatly points to the function of better sharing, at multiple levels such as data as well as infrastructure and data centres, is the key to unlocking high end savings.

Indeed there are numerous instances globally of auditors reports of government ICT featuring a multitude of legacy apps running across increasingly poorly equipped data centres, and how as you’d expect there is an ever increasing cost base and downtime risk the more aged they are.

The key question to ask is one of skills. It’s all well and good to set the mandate and goal, but how many public sector agencies actually have the knowledge that planning a complex exercise that migrating legacy systems requires? This isn’t unique to Scotland either, half of all the UK’s councils still have no Cloud strategy as recently as 2016.

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