.Social Innovation – Bridging the Digital Divide

The Digital Scotland .Social program is intended to focus the process and experts of technology innovation on society’s critical challenges, notably poverty and homelessness, to ‘bridge the digital divide’ of social exclusion.

Social Tech Best Practices

  • To bring together technology pioneers around large scale social problems. conceive and prototype new ways of solving problems and engineer open source solutions capable of global replication.
  • Identity the relationship between key types of technologies and the social innovation they might make possible, such as how Digital Identity can Bridge the Digital Divide.
  • Document these to a Toolkit and make available across the Scottish public sector and broader globally.

Alpha Projects

Ideas for new technoloy-enabled social innovation projects are conceived and prototype implemented through ‘Alpha Projects’.

Like the Bridging the Divide article:

  • A $14 per person per identity proof process, reduced to $0 – Cash sent straight to money card
  • Further cost reductions through eliminating duplicated, manual paper-based and reducing office visits
  • Better service to users and improved digital service usage

Featured .Social Innovators

Featured Digital Scot: Gavin Neate – The Neatebox