Community-driven action plan for building a world leading Scottish digital nation.

Our goal is an action-oriented collaboration organized around the Scottish Digital Economy Action Plan, to help achieve the goal of Scotland becoming one of the world’s leading digital nations by 2020.

We want Scotland to be at the forefront of that revolution and to have cemented its place as world-class digital nation by 2020.

What defines Digital Scotland?

Our headline theme sets out to ask every one ‘What constitutes “Digital Scotland”‘? As well as the digital economy building blocks, like the .Scot domain name, we’ll examine the overall industry encompassing aspects such as skills and training.

A Digital World Leader – What would it take?

With Scotland being the fastest growing digital economy outside of London, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be escalated to a global scale. Polly Purvis, CEO for ScotlandIS, says: ‘Scotland must raise its sights to become a digital world leader’