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David McNeill, Digital Director at SVCO.

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Paul Campbell, Clinical Director for eHealth @ NHS National Services Scotland & Clinical Advisor for eHealth @ The Scottish Government, presenting on the West of Scotland’s Clinical Portal.

Meet Florence

Florence is introduced as the text messaging system transforming healthcare, the number one telehealth app:

“It uses the simplest method of communication – the humble text message – to stay in touch with patients who have conditions that need monitoring. The patients are sent regular texts asking them for information, be it blood glucose, blood pressure or weight.

They then test themselves and send in the results. All their readings are collated on a web interface, which can be viewed by clinicians, but it feels just like sending a text message to a friend.”

An alert can also be sent to their clinician that allows for ‘remote’ early intervention which can reduce the need for the patient to travel to their GP or hospital.


Key idea: @CollabOutLoud!

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