Thriving After Brexit – Rebooting on the Blockchain

As introduced in our guest blog from Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomincs and most recently Blockchain Revolution, one form of response to the Brexit trend is greater investment in key technologies most notably ‘the Blockchain’.

Professor Bill Buchanan of Edinburgh’s Napier University, describes how it provides a foundational framework for next generation Digital Government.

Electoral Reform

The Digital Scot network operates as a policy research and content marketing platform, organizing the editorial agenda around key Scottish Government policies, procurements and consultations.

For the theme ‘Rebooting on the Blockchain’, the primary reference is the (currently live) Consultation on Electoral Reform.

Online Voting first step towards Digital Democracy

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Thriving after Brexit: Scotland Should Reboot on the Blockchain

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Democracy 2.0 – Online voting first step towards Digital Democracy